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Orkney lies only a few miles off the north coast of Scotland and offers a beautiful, unspoilt environment. Amenities are excellent including good schools and health services and excellent transport links to and from mainland Scotland. Orkney is regularly rated as one of the top places to live in the United Kingdom in quality of life surveys - come and see for yourself!

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Kirkwall & St. Ola

Orkney - Kirkwall Kirkwall & St Ola - Kirkwall is a unique and historic town, dominated by the magnificent c.12th St Magnus Cathedral. It is Orkney’s capital and centre of administration. Amenities include a sports and leisure centre, schools, hospital and a vibrant shopping centre.

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Orkney - Stromness Stromness - a truly picturesque town rich in history and character Stromness is now home to many companies leading the world in researching developing renewable technologies. Local amenities are excellent and there are direct ferry sailings daily to the Scottish mainland from the ferry terminal in the heart of the town.

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East Mainland

Orkney - East Mainland East Mainland - an area of fertile farmland lying to the east of Kirkwall and comprising the parishes of St Andrews and Deerness. The pretty village of St Marys was once a major herring station. A modern primary school is situated centrally.

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Orkney - Eday Eday - one of the North Isles and distinctively hilly. There is an island primary school and regular links to Kirkwall by air and ro-ro ferry. Eday abounds in history from the Neolithic era to c18th piratry.

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Orkney - Rousay, Egilsay, Wyre Egilsay - low-lying and home to a small community Egilsay is linked by ferry to Rousay and Orkney mainland. It is remarkably peaceful and home to a large RSPB reserve.

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Orkney - South Isles Flotta - at the southern entrance to Scapa Flow Flotta is linked by ferry both to neighbouring Longhope and the mainland of Orkney. The island’s oil terminal is one of Orkney’s most significant sources of employment.

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Orkney - South Isles Graemsay - situated between historic Stromness and the hilly island of Hoy Graemsay is predominantly agricultural. Residents and visitors benefit from the island’s own ferry which plies the western approaches of Scapa Flow.

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Orkney - South Isles Hoy - a place of great beauty and considered by many to be the most ‘Highland-like’ part of Orkney. The iconic ‘Old Man of Hoy’ lies on the west side of Hoy and nearby are the highest vertical sea cliff in Britain. Longhope is a busy village and amenties include an island school and health practice.

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North Ronaldsay

Orkney - North Ronaldsay North Ronaldsay - famed for its historic sheep dyke and lighthouses, North Ronaldsay preserves many traditions and customs which have died out elsewhere in Orkney. There is an island primary school and good daily air links to Kirkwall.

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Papa Westray

Orkney - Westray Papa Westray - home to the world's shortest scheduled air service 'Papay' is a picturesque island where farming and fishing are the mainstays of the local economy. Excellent amenties are available on neighbouring Westray.

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Orkney - Rousay, Egilsay, Wyre Rousay - an island of magnificent seascapes and heather clad hills. One of the richest concentrations of ancient sites have earned it the nickname of the ‘Egypt of the North’.There are regular ro-ro ferries to the Orkney mainland and local amenities include the island primary school.

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Orkney - Sanday Sanday - low-lying and famed for its beaches and many miles of sand dunes, Sanday is one of the most populous of Orkney’s north isles. There are excellent local services including a health practice and junior high school. There is ready access to Kirkwall by air and sea.

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Orkney - Shapinsay Shapinsay - close enough to Kirkwall for many of its inhabitants to commute there daily, Shapinsay is renowned for the quality of its livestock. Balfour village is a fine example of a planned community dating from the first half of the c19th and Balfour Castle itself is steeped in history.

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Orkney - Stronsay Stronsay - an island of prosperous farms Stronsay centres around Whitehall village which, in its heyday, was one of the U.K’s great herring stations. Primary and junior secondary education are available on the island and there are air and ferry links to Kirkwall

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West Mainland

Orkney - West Mainland West Mainland - a rolling landscape of farmland and home of some of the most celebrated angling sites in Europe. Stromness is the main centre of population but there are also numerous villages including Evie, Dounby and Birsay.

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Orkney - Westray Westray - an island of immense historical significance from the Neolithic era to the wreck of the Spanish Armada. Well-populated and with a diverse economy, Westray supports a range of community amenities including excellent health and education services.

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Orkney - Rousay, Egilsay, Wyre Wyre - Egilsay’s southern neighbour offers abundant peace and seclusion and magnificent panoramic views of Rousay and the West Mainland. There are regular ro-ro ferry links to Rousay and Orkney mainland.

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